The Landsverks

Plunging grain prices prompt growing interest in raising both crops and livestock

FOSSTON, Minn. — Like most area farmers who raise crops, the Landsverk family is hurt by falling grain prices. Unlike many of their fellow farmers, however, the Landsverks have a safety net. They run an organic dairy operation, and their milk income cushions declining grain sales.

ND Legislature

Anti-corporate farming, urban ag among topics in state legislatures

FARGO, N.D. — Against a backdrop of strong livestock prices and declining crop commodity prices, state legislative agriculture committees in the area are looking for ways to help farmers and ranchers thrive.


Weather, prices, farm bill, rail delays are top stories in regional ag

No two years are the same in Upper Midwest agriculture, but 2014 brought some familiar issues and concerns. Erratic weather, improving technology, plunging grain prices, frustration with the railroads and political events in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere — all old acquaintances of area farmers and ranchers — popped up again.

Mariposa Brand

Slow single-car service means higher interest costs

LEEDS, N.D. — Brian Engstrom is happy to report rail service for his dry edible bean processing plant is better today than it was two months ago.

Grain prices updated daily

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