Tiny goat

Minnesota woman raises LaMancha goats for 20-plus years

Animals have always been a big part of Lori Guenther's life. "I just love it," she said. "I can't think of me living a life without animals." She grew up on a farm near here, where her family raised pigs, cows, chickens and ducks.

Wet Field

Abnormal planting seasons might be the new norm in Upper Midwest

Marlow Nelson, a 68-year-old Powers Lake, N.D., farmer, used to have a pretty good idea of what spring planting season would bring. Though no two springs were quite the same, and year-to-year variations could be extreme, most springs fell into a fairly predictable pattern.

AgweekTV: Learning about Lamancha goats

Check out AgweekTV! This week, reporter Tracy Frank shows viewers the charm of Lamancha goats.

Doubting Thomas Farms

Agweek pets of the week: The feisty animals of Doubting Thomas Farms

Who’s your pet who’s become part of your family? We’d love to meet him or her! Email a photo or video of your favorite farm animal - barn cats and field dogs count, too - to kstromsodt@agweek.com. We’ll share your farms pets every week on Agweek.com.

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